2 Salvatore CT

Florham Park $1,499,000

Welcome to Salvatore CT, a new Cul-De-Sac development featuring 5 luxury homes loaded with designer features and modern-day decor. 2 Salvatore is a custom CHC nestled on over 1/2 an acre featuring 4 spacious bedrooms and 4.1 bathrooms, with a 2 car garage.

This home comes with over 5,500 +/- of lavish living. The floor plan is subject to change based on the client’s needs. Builder will build to suit if the opportunity arises.



Apply one coat of tar damp proofing over cement plaster walls below grade.

Lally Columns

Provide and set lally columns required complete with cap and base. Columns shall be set on concrete footings and the floors shall be run around them.


Furnish and install 4” perforated plastic pipe for footing drains around the interior and/or exterior perimeter of the foundations and installing gravel under, around, and above the pipe. Footing drains will be pitched to the street or to a low point on the lot or to the sump pit inside.

Concrete Floors

Cover the entire floor of the basement and garage with 4” of concrete over a 3” stone bed. The floor shall be

1-2-3 mix.

Basement Windows

Set vinyl basement windows as determined by the builder.


Furnish and install a standard finish paver walkway from the front door to the driveway and also the rear patio.

$2.00 per sq. ft. Plus labor. Allowance is on materials.

Carpentry and Millwork Rough Lumber

All lumber members shall be accurately and substantially fitted together and the whole structure shall be well braced.

Floor joints shall be doubled around all openings and under all partitions that are not supported directly below unless otherwise noted on the plan.

Floor joints shall have bridging cut to fit and spiked on each end of the piece. There shall be one row of bridging in the center of each span.

Floor joints shall be TJI or convention lumber, according to architect plans at the builder’s discretion.


Furnish and install vinyl double hung windows-Pella Pro-Line.

Rear Steps and Patio

The patio will consist of standard finish pavers approximately 22X16 in size and will have an allowance of $2.00 per sq. ft. for materials. Steps will be built out of the block and faced with stone veneer and bluestone or limestone treads, buyers to choose.

Front Stoop

Construct a concrete block stoop with a stone veneer in front of the home with BlueStone treads and a Blue- Stone platform or limestone; buyers to choose. Stone allowances to be $8.00 per sq. ft. for stone stoop.


Furnish and install Hardy Plank or Certain Teed composite clapboard siding on the outside of the house. Furnish and install natural stone on front entrance gable, front of study, and on the chimney, $8.00 per sq. ft. allowance on natural stone material.

200 amp underground electrical service

Hi-hats installed as per architects plans, any additional hi-hats added will be $180 per


Furnish and install as to Code, 110-volt electric outlets and switches. All additional outlets shall be installed at an extra cost to the purchaser of $65.00 per outlet or switch.


All interior electrical switches will be White Decora.

Separate Circuits

Furnish and install direct circuits to the following fixtures:

A. Dishwasher

B. Air Conditioners

C.Kitchen Circuits Doorbells & Chimes

Furnish and install wiring for chimes.

Patio Doors

Furnish and install vinyl patio doors by Pella Pro Line- Doors will be sliders.

Carpentry Sub Floor

Install ¾” subfloor. T&G throughout the first, second, and third floors, nailed approximately 8” on center overall floor joists.


Furnish and install rough and finish hardware to complete the entire house, using Schlage hardware or equal. Allowance to be $30.00 per door-buyer to choose finish and type.

Closet Fittings and Shelves

All clothes closets shall be complete with pole and shelf. All linen closets shall have four shelves. Custom closets can be installed at an additional cost and will be designed and priced at a later point if the buyer chooses to have them installed.


All interior doors throughout the house are to be 1-3/8” thick Solid core Masonite Molded panel doors-buyers to choose a style. $100.00 per door allowance-1-st floor doors will be 8” tall and that second floor and attic will be standard 6ft. 8 in. tall all exterior doors shall be 6 six-panel metal insulated doors. Front door allowance-up to $4,000.00.


Furnish and install 3-1/2” R-13 or R-19 glass wool insulation with vapor barrier in all frame sidewalls. Furnish and install 9” R30 or R38 glass wool insulation in all ceilings and garage. All insulation shall meet the res- check supplied by Architect and meet all building codes. All bath walls will be insulated for sound.

Floor Coverings

Furnish and install tile in all bathrooms (floors and walls in tub or shower areas only) and laundry floor. All other rooms to have Hard Wood Flooring. An allowance of up to $4.00 per sq. ft. will be given towards all tile material.

Hard Wood Flooring

Install 3 ½ in. or 3 ¼ in. Red Oak, #1 common Hardwood Flooring in remaining parts of the house; buyer to choose stain color. 1 coat of stain, 1 coat of sealer, 2 coats of polyurethane.

Interior painting

All ceilings and sidewalls throughout the house shall be given 1 coat of primer and 2 coats of flat finish paint.

5 colors included Closets all the same color. Custom colors and multi-colored rooms will be an extra at $1.00 per sq. All woodwork shall be given 1 coat of primer and 2 coats of Semi-gloss finish paint. Benjamin Moore or similar quality paint will be used.


Items not supplied by Builder: Decorative items such as towel racks and toilet paper holders; Buyers to supply and a builder will install.

Pipes & Fittings

Run all necessary piping including hot & cold-water service, soil lines, vents, etc., to ensure the proper functioning of all fixtures throughout.

All underground drains shall be of PVS plastic pipe and all above ground interior drains shall be of PVC plastic pipe. These pipes are to be properly graded, trapped, and are to have as much fall given as possible, and are to be connected to the municipal sewer system.

Run vent lines to all fixtures of PVC plastic pipe with necessary fittings and branches. All piping to the shower fittings shall be ¾”.

All plumbing labor and materials shall be installed in a good and workmanlike manner and subject to the New Jersey Plumbing Code. If the purchaser decides to deviate from the fixtures listed, they can use it towards whatever they choose.

Water Service

Furnish and install a 1” Pex water service from the street to the house as deemed necessary.

Washer & Dryer Connections

Provide the standard hot and cold-water connections for clothes washer with common shut-off and gas lines for clothes dryer.

Kitchen Fixtures

Furnish and install a Kohler K3288 25”X22” Stainless Steel Kitchen undercount sink.

Hot Water Tank

Furnish and install 75-gallon water heater as manufactured by AO Smith Co. or equal to.


All baths shall have a tile allowance of up to $5.00 per sq. ft. Tiles will be on all bathroom floors, in shower and tub areas. No tiles shall be installed on walls other than the above mentioned. Backsplash allowance up to $1500.00


Furnish and install YORK or equal forced heating and A/C system or equal. (3 zones) Units will be sized and designed by an HVAC installer.

Register and Grills

All supply registers and returns shall be located in the walls, floors, and ceilings as necessary to properly cool the entire finished area of the house.

HVAC ductwork

The ductwork shall be properly laid out and sized for heating and air-conditioning and the entire system shall be properly balanced as soon as possible.

Interior Woodwork

All interior trim throughout shall be 3 ¼ in. MDF Colonial casing and all window and door casings shall match. The base molding will be 6 ¼ MDF throughout. Dining room crown moldings will be 6” and the 2nd-floor foyer will be 5 & 5/8th MDF.

All fireplace mantels will be wood with marble surrounds- Buyer will have options prior to installation of trim-ALL TRIM IS PAINT GRADE

Garage Doors

Furnish and install overhead carriage style garage doors with all necessary hardware. Allowance $1,250.00 per door including motor.


Grade the front, sides, and rear disturbed areas to the proper levels desired and determined by the builder and then spread topsoil. Grade the property so water drains away from the house. Grading will be completed as per the approved engineering plan from the township.


Furnish and install a paved asphalt driveway from the street to the garage as shown on the site plan.


Seed entire lawn-Supply and install lawn sprinklers on entire lawn, front and rear yards-Sprinkler company to decide location and design of the system.


Furnish and install poplar stairs with oak treads to the basement. Furnish and install a poplar stair with oak treads from the first floor to the 2nd floor, and 2nd to the 3rd floor.


Furnish and install an oak handrail with painted balusters and spindles from the 1st floor to the 2nd floor to the attic. From 1st floor to basement only a handrail will be installed unless the basement is a finished basement.


5 color choices in the entire house. Ceilings and closets in white flat Benjamin Moore, trim in Semi-Gloss and walls in Flat-5 Color choices. Unless otherwise noted all materials will be standard grade and standard colors.

30-year Timberline roof

Alarm System

Ademco panel, 2 motion sensors, arm all doors and windows on 1st floor, and basement. 3 keypads

Central Vac:

Supply and install central vac -Budd vac or similar.

gross internal area

2 Salvatore CT

Florham Park, New Jersey

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