Agent Spotlight Featuring Janice Pecoraro

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Each week, we choose one real estate agent from the Michelle Pais Group and share a few facts about him/her. This weeks agent spotlight featuring Janice Pecoraro focuses on sharing three fun facts that you probably didn’t know about Janice. Let’s get to it!

Fun Fact #1

First and foremost, there are three things that Janice absolutely adores: her husband, her children, and Halloween. As a mother of three, Janice loves her family and she loves spending time with them even more! Over the years, it has become a tradition that Janice and her husband host a Halloween party every year with their close family and friends at their house. What could be more fun then spending time with the people you love the most, dressed up in silly outfits? Truth is, these are memories that will last a lifetime!

Fun Fact #2

Another fun fact about Janice Pecoraro is that she loves to travel and visit new places. So far, the most beautiful place she has ever traveled to was Hawaii. In her own words, she says that Hawaii “truly defines the word paradise!” Some of her favorite parts of the trip included activities such as hiking the volcano called “Diamond Head,” visiting Pearl Harbor, and snorkeling through the mesmerizing blue waters.

Fun Fact #3

Along with traveling, Janice Pecoraro loves going on adventures and exploring the outdoors. While on vacation, you can most likely find Janice participating in any of the following activities: parasailing, zip-lining, snorkeling and hiking. Janice is not scared to take a risk or do something outside of her comfort zone. So, not only can Janice help you sell your home but, she’ll even recommend a few of her favorite vacation spots for you to visit after your closing!


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