Agent Spotlight Featuring Michael Gomes

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Each week, we choose one real estate agent from the Michelle Pais Group and share a few facts about him/her. This weeks agent spotlight featuring Michael Gomes aka “Mike” focuses on sharing three fun facts that you probably didn’t know about Mike. Let’s get to it!

Fun Fact #1

Mike Gomes worked as a mortgage loan originator for over seven years prior to becoming a real estate agent. In 2014 he made the transition to switch careers and enter the ever-changing world of real estate. Given his easy-going attitude and love for working with people, he is loving every aspect of the real estate industry! Not to mention, his prior professional career in mortgage adds to his expertise, experience, and knowledge base. His clients respect him for his honesty and commitment to guide them through every step of the real estate transaction. Loyalty is very important to Mike so, he treats every person not as a client but as a friend building a new relationship.

Fun Fact #2

Mike Gomes is also the host of a boxing podcast called “Standing 8 Podcast.” In general, sports are a huge part of his life and he is known to be a hardcore fan of boxing. He has a passion for watching boxing and loves being able to add his commentary. His excitement and love for boxing definitely pours through on this podcast. If you want to check it out, just click HERE.

Fun Fact #3

Now here’s one you probably didn’t see coming! Did you know Mike Gomes has five cats at home? Upon rescuing a kitten they found on the street, him and his wife soon realized that it was pregnant and eventually gave birth to four little kittens. They thought about giving the kittens away but, they just couldn’t do it. Instead, they agreed to keep the kittens and the mom.

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