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If you missed my first ever “Building A Brand” presentation last week at NJRESN, don’t worry!
As a professional in the real estate business for over 16 years, I have a lot of first-hand experience working in this industry. As society changes, it is our duty to adjust our ways and adapt to the new technologies of our changing world. Believe it or not, the internet and social media are actually creating a huge advantage for business owners to expand their businesses. Something that Gary Vaynerchuck addresses in his new book called “Crushing It,” and Chris Smith’s new book called “The Conversion Code.”
Proper branding and strategic marketing have the ability to multiply your business by more than double! I love investing in marketing and branding because I can see how fast my business is growing. Entrepreneur magazine defines branding as the “marketing practice of creating a name, symbol or design that identifies and differentiates a product from other products. An effective brand strategy gives you a major edge in increasingly competitive markets.” Remember that you can’t make everyone happy! Not everyone will like you and that’s ok. All you need to focus on is your ideal client and make them love you!

“Be so good they can’t ignore you.”
– Steve Martin

Let’s dive into the practice of Branding in 2018! If you GoogleHow to Brand Yourself,” you’ll come across numerous articles and publications that outline specific steps to follow. I want to simplify the steps so that it’s easier for you to implement them instantly. If you study the patterns, you start to notice that everyone is basically saying the same thing over and over again. So, let’s break it down: 

Questions to Ask Yourself:


Who are You?


What are You About?


Who is Your Ideal Client?

Take some time to write out your answers and be as specific as possible. Write the details and stick to the same story. The more specific you are the easier it will be to envision your goal and what you need to do to get there.

1. Create Your Message

It must be catchy and get people’s attention! You want to stand out!

2. Why is Brand Building Important?

You want people to think of you first! Understand how quality wins over everything. What brand do you think of when you want coffee? I bet you’re thinking Starbucks! Why? Well, they are the perfect example of effective branding. Their brand literally screams “More Than Just Great Coffee!” This is why they are able to charge whatever they want. Their customers are loyal because they have invested in the brand and they believe that they are truly getting coffee that’s better than great! Soon you’re going to realize that it’s brand over price, always.

3. Get People to Think of You First:

  • Design A Logo
  • Create a Catchy Tagline
  • Use Photos
  • Invest in Quality Business Cards
  • Design an Email Signature
  • Promote Video Testimonials
  • Send Direct Mail Regularly
  • Publish Original Articles
  • Advertise with Brochures
  • Send e-Newsletters
  • Advertise on Facebook
  • Advertise on Instagram
  • Give Speeches/ Attend Award Ceremonies
  • Get Shout Outs from Influencers

4. Build a Solid Presence

This means building a website to establish an online presence. Having your own website also gives you the freedom to post original content and have full control. You can leverage your website to generate leads by setting up a lead capture page, and a chatbot, and using social media to generate traffic to your website. Your website should be a reflection of your brand, who you are, and your business.

5. Add Value to Brand Building

Most importantly, create content that actually matters. Provide knowledge that people can apply and benefit from. Tony Robbins says you should “add 10 times more value to your customers than anyone else.” I couldn’t agree more!



The Michelle Pais Group extends far beyond what a conventional brokerage firm offers. It envisions itself as both a lifestyle and media company offering design, marketing and creative solutions to all our clients.

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