How To Get The Best Offer When Selling A House in New Jersey

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How to Get the Best Offer on Your Home in New Jersey

Getting the best offer on your house when you go to sell can be hard. There is a lot that can go wrong, and as a seller you need to be on top of the situation. This article is meant for home sellers, but can also be great information for REALTORS.
When you set the price of home too high you risk scaring away potential buyers. One of the first recommendations we would have is to have the proper representation. Having an agent list your home gives you the best chance at getting the best offer on your home. They will make sure the price is right, and the house will have the proper marketing it needs in order to get the best offer.
Our expertise is in New Jersey, but getting the best offer when selling a home can be done using this advice anywhere in the United States.
Those who ask too little may sell quickly but will leave a ton of money on the table. Leaving money on the table is exactly what you do not want to happen as a home seller.
Settling on a price for your home is something that no one wants to do. Following the tips and steps below will allow you to get the best offer when you sell your house in New Jersey. 

Know the Value of Your Property in New Jersey

Getting the best offer for your house revolves around one thing. The price. Knowing the true market value of your house will lead to getting the best offer possible. Every house is priced differently, those who are well informed about pricing their home will receive better offers.
Property valuation is based largely on comparisons. Commonly called comps, these comparative houses in the area are the ones that you need to pay special attention to. Working with a REALTOR will solve most of these issues. The majority of people will have a REALTOR show them comps to get a perfect price on their home. You can always get a rough idea by checking Zillow or some type of an MLS yourself.
We put together a checklist on how to get the best offer on your house.

Checklist for Getting the Best Offer on Your House

  • Find a great REALTOR
  • Don’t set a price without checking comps
  • Watch your local real estate market
  • Have a strategy in mind
  • Make sure it's in move-in-ready condition
  • Fix the smalls

Tips for Getting the Best Offer When Selling a House in New Jersey

Getting the best offer on a house in New Jersey is a challenge. It takes REALTORS years to know the market as well as they do. Your best bet to get the best offer on your house would be to get a REALTOR who has done it before. If you are specifically looking for a REALTOR in the New Jersey area The Michelle Pais Group is who you want to work with.

Tips and Tricks to Getting the Best Offer When Selling a New Jersey Home

Tip 1 for Selling Your New Jersey Home

Gather all documents you have about the house. Any recent repairs, upgrades, or improvements that have been done to the house. Typically when you sell a car you keep your recent receipts. The same thing goes when you are selling a house.

Tip 2 for Selling Your New Jersey Home

When it comes to finding the price of your house do not compare apples to pears. A newly renovated house is often very different price-wise compared to an older home. When you are looking at comps in the area you need to make sure it really is comparable.

Tip 3 for Selling Your New Jersey Home

Once the offer is accepted you will not always get that amount. Buyers get a last-minute walkthrough. During that walkthrough, buyers will point out different issues with the house. The final inspection is the phase that allows buyers the last chance to make adjustments to their offer.

Tricks to Help You Get the Best Offer on Your House

Regardless of whether you are selling your own home or an investment property selling a house is a big deal. There are a lot of tricks that sellers need to be aware of in order to get the best offer when you sell your home. Sometimes nice buyers can quickly turn to savvy negotiators.

Tricks to Getting the Best Offer When Selling a House

Prospective buyers quickly turn out to be wise negotiators who seem to use every small deficiency to squeeze the purchase price. We have put together five tricks to help you achieve a higher selling price.

Trick 1: A Makeover Makes All The Difference 

If your property has been occupied for years, I would assume there are some small issues with the property. Small things include cosmetic fixes and anything that a handyman can do within a few hours. Dotting your “I”s and crossing your “T”s is the difference maker when it comes down to selling your house for the best offer. Things like leaking windows, and squeaking doors.
The cleaner your house is the better the odds of getting a great offer. Leave no excuse for people to give you less than what your house is worth.

Trick 2: Learn from the Experts

Experts use home staging as a trick to get the best price when you sell a house. Home staging is a great tool to utilize when you sell your house because it allows people to imagine the possibilities. Home stagers are sometimes a great thing to have when you are looking to sell your home for the best price.

Trick 3: Advertise Like the Professionals

A REALTOR should take care of the marketing but it can’t hurt to take care of some of it yourself or double-check their work. A large part of getting the best offer when selling your house relies on other people. You need to be wise enough to understand the backbone of a solid marketing plan. A solid marketing plan typically looks something like this.
  • Listing syndication – Sites like Zillow,, and Trulia. Sites like this typically pull from the MLS.
  • Featured locally – A great REALTOR should have some kind of a local following or authority your property should be showcased somehow to locals.
  • Make sure you have the proper signage – Offline marketing is arguably the most powerful form of marketing.
  • Online advertisements – Online advertisements are important but are not everything when it comes to selling a house.
  • Have a great listing – This should include professional photography as well as an incredible property description.
The goal is to get your home in front of as many prospective buyers as possible. Think local, but don’t be afraid to advertise to people who are not local. People are constantly moving into your area as well. 

Trick 4: Understand the Expectations Going Into the Sale of Your New Jersey Home

Get to know what people are really expecting to see and be amazed. Maybe go to a few open houses yourself and see what they are doing. The details make all the difference when it comes to getting the best offer. If you are a home seller you need to know what home buyers are looking for. Ask your REALTOR how you can spruce up your house or what people are expecting when they look at the house they are trying to purchase.

Trick 5: It Takes Time to Do Things Right

Every house and transaction is different in real estate. Just because you see houses selling in a matter of weeks doesn’t mean that yours will. When it comes to getting the best offer on your house you need patience.
When it comes down to it, getting the best offer on your house is not the easiest thing to do. Getting a great offer on your house is not impossible, but requires the proper preparation. Hopefully, this blog post cleared away most of the nerves you might have when you go to list and sell your home. If you need assistance selling in NJ, contact one of our expert New Jersey real estate agents to help.


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