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Morristown, New Jersey is a gorgeous town known for its youth and plethora of high paying jobs. Downtown Morristown is more of a micro-sized city than a small township. It provides the best of both worlds. A booming downtown, with some neighborhoods, have homes built on several acres of land.

Morristown, NJ real estate prices range dramatically depending on the neighborhood. The Neighborhoods in Morristown range from renter-friendly apartments to homes with several acres. Renting in Morristown on average will cost about $2,385 a month. The median listing price of a home in Morristown is roughly $419,950. The average household income in Morristown is $101,126.

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School System

The school system in Morristown New Jersey is excellent. The public high school has an average SAT score of 1220 out of 1600. Students also receive a 29 out of 36. The most popular colleges the high school students go to are Rutgers, Penn State, and the University of Delaware.


Commuting in Morristown is simple. Most people that rent in Morristown actually work in Morristown. If you do own a home in Morristown you have easy access to most major highways and are only an hour drive away from the city. Public transportation is also very accessible in Morristown. If you plan on using the bus or train to New York City you have direct lines that are only an hour away.

Living in Morristown, NJ

The average Morristown resident is 36.4 years old. Morristown is known locally for its youthful scene and nightlife. Local bars such as Iron Bar, and The Laundromat. The booming nightlife is enhanced by several incredible restaurants. Restaurants such as American Eatery, The Committed Pig, and Saigon Subs & Cafe.


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