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Everyone’s journey in real estate is different. To make the most of the experience you need to find someone who has the experience and expertise that will make your deal as smooth as possible.
Finding the right REALTOR that has already handled an experience similar to your unique situation is hard, luckily the Michelle Pais Group has handled well over a thousand transactions in the Union County New Jersey area.

Earlier This Week

During the month of July we reached a goal that very few people have ever achieved. We are the highest in the number of units sold in New Jersey.This means that we have sold more properties than anyone else in New Jersey. This award is something REALTORS chase for their entire career. Being at the top of the real estate world in New Jersey is not an easy thing to do. With home values skyrocketing to record highs, you need a shark in your corner now more than ever.

What This Award Means To Us

Earning this award proves that our area of expertise doesn’t stop at individual towns within Union County, such as the following:

  • Springfield
  • Westfield
  • Scotch Plains
  • Fanwood
  • Mountainside
We want to express our most sincere gratitude for having our clients trust us when dealing with their home. Your neighborhood is our neighborhood. The same process we use for selling your home in Union County New Jersey can be applied anywhere in the surrounding areas like Essex, Somerset, and Middlesex. 


Units sold is an important stat in the world of real estate. It is not the end all be all stat that determines how competent a REALTOR is, but it shows how much of an impact and how much of a premier agent that person is depending on the volume of transactions that they do.
Through our repeated successful selling process we are able to yet again maintain the Michelle Pais Group as the #1 Team in Union County in units sold. As well as, Michelle Pais becoming, once again, the highest volume producing REALTOR in Union County New Jersey.


One of the many things that separates the Michelle Pais Group from others is our selling process and area expertise. Union County is home to many people including us. Union County is our backyard.
Our process begins with extensive market and neighborhood research to provide an accurate home value assessment. With well over over a thousand transactions in the Union County area we have already seen it all and will be able to serve you better than any other REALTOR in the area.
Our unique in-house boutique real estate selling process works best for luxury properties. With the years of experience we have under our belts, we know the Michelle Pais Group has the highest chance of getting any home sold for above market value in the Union County New Jersey area.
Luckily, our process will work for any home in the Union County or surrounding areas of New Jersey.
Go over our process with a 30-minute consultation with Michelle Pais.


Becoming the number one agent in units sold is an honor. As the years go by, there are certain patterns that we follow in our real estate transactions that we feel set us a aside and are the driving force behind our success.

Customer Service

The most important thing to us is our customer service. Real estate is a sales related position but a lot of our success comes from our ease to work with and hospitality. We find ourselves working with the same clients repeatedly over the years and becoming friends with a lot of our clients because we are friendly, concise, and most importantly want to help you with your unique real estate situation in Union County New Jersey.


When you list your property with us there comes a lot of behind the scenes work that other REALTORS do not bother to do. Our unique marketing approach for each property is designed to maximize the impressions of hungry buyers.
Our marketing campaigns are based on prior private analytical data revolving around a tight group of metrics that will attract a bidding war.
It helps to know the area as well as we do. We have private databases of different people who can help our clients make better decisions and almost guarantee impressions on property listings.


Volume. Volume is the most important word in the following section. In order to sell the most units and produce the most volume in the county you have to move quickly. We have refined our process from the old startup saying “move fast and break things.” Figuring out how to move fast with an attention to detail is what sets us aside from the competition.
Every year we grow and it is because we are constantly looking to innovate and build a better brand, while focusing on our clients.


We think this is the most important part of growing a company, you need to set yourself aside from others. If you are imitating people you will always be one step behind, but by focusing on innovation and your customer you will always succeed in a hospitality related company. Figuring out how to adopt our business has only helped us. Through experimentation, we have honed our process down to the best experience for our customers.

Hitting and Focusing On Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Internally we are constantly looking to tweak and pivot our business to provide a better experience for our customer. As a real estate agent in any area it is your job to get as much money you can for the property you are listing for your client.
We focus on getting our sellers as much as possible, all while moving as fast and seamless as possible. This means you are essentially getting a team of talented individuals with the goal of creating a home selling solution for the highest price on the market.

We keep moving up as fast as we do because of the team and infrastructure. We provide way more value than a typical REALTOR in the New Jersey area.
Being nimble and running like a start up has changed the way we look at real estate in New jersey.


It has been an honor to serve Union County for as long as I have. This area has become my home and will forever appreciate its beauty. Going forward we will continue to strive for originality, being customer focused, and providing people with top dollar when they list their home with the Michelle Pais Group.


The Michelle Pais Group extends far beyond what a conventional brokerage firm offers. It envisions itself as both a lifestyle and media company offering design, marketing and creative solutions to all our clients.

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