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The feature came to us organically. Our reputation in the Mountainside area of Union County New Jersey as the top real estate brokerage is growing very rapidly. As we prepare for the opening of our Westfield New Jersey location, we find a number of media outlets wanting to collaborate with someone who knows the area best.
We are honored to have the reputation we do throughout the entire Union County area. The years of hard work and dedication are paying off. The New York Times recognized us as experts of the Mountainside New Jersey area. Mountainside is a town in Union County with incredible character. We would recommend talking to an agent if you are interested in moving or looking at anything in that area.

Expert REALTORS In Mountainside – New York Times

If you know a thing or two about real estate, you will quickly realize that Michelle Pais Group is the number one, in the area, for a reason. Our local experts set the bar in Mountainside, they know every nook and cranny in the small but loving town.

The Michelle Pais Group’s area of expertise is in the Union County area. However, do not hesitate to contact us about your real estate needs all throughout New Jersey.

The Mountainside area is a town we excel in. The Michelle Pais Group has a team of dedicated agents that are constantly looking to improve. Our agents are constantly searching the MLS for the best deals and are dealing with exclusives on and off the market in the area at all times.

Who Was Featured

Janice Pecoraro has been a member of the Michelle Pais Group since day one. Her knowledge of the area was a perfect fit for the New York Times. Janice has been a REALTOR for roughly two years, prior to that she was a full-time teacher. She excels at problem-solving and dealing with difficult clients and situations due to her patience and ease with others. If you are looking for a home in the Mountainside area, we can highly recommend Janice to accommodate you.
The Michelle Pais Group’s REALTORS custom cater to your unique situation in order to provide you with the best service.

The New York Times Feature Experience

The New York Times recognizing the Michelle Pais Group as experts in the mountainside area solidifies us as some of the go to people in the area. We feel like Mountainside is our home too and want to show you around.
The honor in being labelled as one of the top agents in the area means an incredible amount, everyone in the Michelle Pais Group has worked incredibly hard to get to this point. Janice’s experience as a featured REALTOR in the New York Times has been incredible. As premiere featured REALTORS in the Union County New Jersey area, we would like to extend the invitation for you to Join Our A-List . Being on this email list will help you find the best deals in the Mountainside area before other people.


The Michelle Pais Group extends far beyond what a conventional brokerage firm offers. It envisions itself as both a lifestyle and media company offering design, marketing and creative solutions to all our clients.

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