The Kitchen Is Always a Great Place to Start!

Michelle Pais


1. Categorize Your Cabinets

The first step to organizing your cabinets is taking everything out! Place everything you want to keep on your table and throw out anything that is old or no longer serves you any purpose. Then decide which cabinets will hold your plates, cups, plastic containers, glass, dinner sets, baking needs, and all the miscellaneous things. Once you decide on your categories, start placing each item into the desired cabinet.

2. Organize Your Pantry

In your pantry, try placing similar products together. For example, think of how stores have a designated shelf for everything. Try replicating the “supermarket-feel” or use bins to separate products. Bins work great for small sauce/sugar packets or health bars.

3. Get a Spice Rack

Spices -spices- spices! It’s all about the spices in cooking!

Investing into a spice rack might just be the best decision ever. A spice rack is super convenient because you will be able to easily access all your spices when cooking. Forget the stress of trying to find the oregano that’s hiding somewhere behind all your other spices inside a tiny cabinet. Instead, use a spice rack to alphabetize your spices in order and keep it in sight somewhere in the kitchen.

4. Keep your countertop clean

Avoid piling everything onto your countertop. Think about what you use daily and ONLY keep those things there. Keeping the area clean will make you feel happier because it won’t be cluttered.

5. Clean Your Fridge Monthly

One thing I highly recommend is getting into the habit of cleaning out your fridge at least once a month. This will ensure cleanliness and help you keep track of the food your buying, how long it lasts, and prevents unnecessary odors. Plus, knowing what’s in your fridge may help you keep track of your daily diet and how it makes you feel. Remember to nourish your body with the foods that make you feel good!

Happy Organizing!



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