Westfield New Jersey School System – The Basics

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The Westfield New Jersey School System Overview

As a parent, there are probably a few questions that you might have about the Westfield school system. Such as whether is it safe to keep my child in the Westfield school system. Is there an aftercare or after-school watch program?
The short answer to all of these questions is yes. Westfield has an incredible staff and team that is involved in caring for your child. The students in the Westfield school system all enjoy top-of-the-line educators and equipment. You should not have to worry about your child in the school system.
The Westfield New Jersey School district is one of the best in the state of New Jersey. Being a student in the Westfield school district is a fantastic opportunity for any student that takes their education seriously. Students from Westfield have a higher likelihood of getting into more prestigious colleges due to its extensive curriculum.

Westfield New Jersey School District Facts:

Niche.com – Top 20 New Jersey School districts
Total of roughly 1800 students
Has had at least one sports team in a state championship for the last 8 out of 10 years.

Westfield High School

Westfield high school is a place where students prepare themselves for the rest of their lives. The Westfield schooling system should more than adequately prepare each student to transition into a college student.
The Westfield High School is for grades 9-12. The High School starts at 8:10 and finishes at 2:55. Students enjoy a well-deserved midday break and are allowed to even leave the building to go to lunch.
The Westfield Blue Devils have a fantastic student body that can be found at any of its sports events.
Westfield high school sports were classified by the NJSIAA for the 2015–16 school year as North II, Group IV for most athletic competition purposes. This means they play in a more competitive bracket than other schools in the area due to the size of their student body.
The Westfield High School is located at 550 Dorian Rd, Westfield, NJ.

Middle Schools in the Westfield School System

The middle schools in Westfield New Jersey are a place of self-discovery for the students. The teachers of Westfield New Jersey care very deeply for their students. There are plenty of after-school activities to do through the school and township. If you were to move into the Westfield schooling system sometime between 5th-8th grade you would be going to either of the middle schools shown below.
Edison Intermediate school – Located at 800 Rahway Ave, Westfield, NJ.
Roosevelt Intermediate School – Located at 301 Clark St, Westfield, NJ

Elementary Schools In The Westfield School District

The elementary schools in Westfield are an extremely safe, kind, and nurturing place to have your child grow up. The majority of the students come from well-off families so it is not uncommon for families to become friends for life through the public schooling system. The families that live in Westfield care about the area and its well-being. There are a ton of opportunities to get involved and meet the people who are responsible for the well-being of your children throughout the day. The Westfield Parent Teacher Association is always looking for volunteers and members to help students.
Franklin Elementary School – Located at 700 Prospect St, Westfield, NJ.
Jefferson Elementary – Located at 1200 Boulevard, Westfield, NJ
Mckinley Elementary – Located at 500 1st St, Westfield, NJ
Tamaques Elementary – Located at 641 Willow Grove Rd, Westfield, NJ
Washington Elementary – Located at 900 St Marks Ave, Westfield, NJ
Wilson Elementary – 301 Linden Ave, Westfield, NJ

Lincoln Early Childhood Center

A special treat to the Westfield school district is the Lincoln Early Childhood center. This school is different than the schools in the district. It specializes in younger students' success to make sure the students are ready to move forward. Lincoln is known for its premier care and learning structure for kindergarteners. The development of your child at this early stage in their life is very influential. Lincoln is the stuff you want to surround your children with.


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