Why Start With the Kitchen?

Michelle Pais


1. Things to Do Every Day

We all know the famous saying “it’s the little things that count,” and it couldn’t be anymore true. Keeping a tidy and clean home requires time and effort. Just like most women that have morning and nighttime rituals for pampering their skin. Do yourself a favor and wipe down those counter-tops, that kitchen sink, sweep the floors, and definitely take out the trash! You’ll feel better and more in control of your home.

2. Things to Do Once a Week

Neglecting to dedicate a time for housekeeping once a week can be your biggest mistake. I know the struggle of having a busy schedule and finding the energy to clean can feel overwhelming. Now, let me tell you exactly why you should do it anyways. A large part of our internal happiness depends on our living environment. Committing to do things like clean the mirrors, dust the furniture, change the bed sheets, vacuum the carpet or mop the floors, and clean the bathroom once a week will lift your mood. A clean and tidy home helps minimize anxiety and allows your mind to feel free!

3. Things to Do Once a Month

Considering the fact that you’re doing an AMAZING job with your daily and weekly cleaning duties already, there’s very little left to do once a month. The major thing you want to focus on now is getting all the dust and dirt from inside the cabinets and drawers. Once a month, clean the inside of your kitchen appliances, the cabinets underneath the kitchen sink and the bathroom sink, wipe your medicine cabinet shelves, and scrub those tiles to keep them shiny!

4. Things to Do Once a Season

Once a season means you only have to do this four times a year. Get rid of expired items from your pantry or the fridge, wash the windows, clean the fireplace, and sort through your clothing piles. I think that’s a very doable and easy commitment to make. More importantly, I promise that you will feel happier you did instead of letting the dirt and grim accumulate into layers. Keep it simple, stick to your plan and use your time efficiently.


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