Baltusrol Golf Club: 39th Best Golf Course

Baltusrol Golf Club

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In naming Baltusrol Golf Club Lower the 39th best golf course in the United States for 2017-18, a panelist for Golf Digest remarked that, “walking through the clubhouse is like being in a golf museum.” Numbers are an integral part of telling the golf club’s story.


Baltusrol Golf Club Awards


Prestige and history walk hand-in-hand at Baltusrol Golf Club. Baltusrol Lower’s ranking is just one in an impressive list of numbers.

  • Two PGA championships since 2000, including the one played in 2016.
  • Seven U.S. Opens.
  • Two U.S. Womens Opens.
  • Four U.S. Amateurs.
  • Two U.S. Womens Amateur Opens.

Baltusrol Lower was ranked the fourth best course designed by prolific famed golf course architect A.W. Tillinghast. While, the Mountainside Baltusrol Upper was ranked Tillinghast’s eighth finest on the same list.



Baltusrol Golf Club

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Baltusrol Golf Club History


1895 was the year of Baltusrol Golf Club’s founding as a weekend getaway from bustling New York City life. When golf grabbed the country’s interest, it was a natural transition to building a golf course.

The first clubhouse was converted from the farmhouse that was home to the club’s namesake, Baltus Roll, whose murder is one of Baltusrol Golf Club’s many legends.


Baltusrol Golf Club

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Visiting Baltusrol Golf Club


If you’re fortunate enough to get invited to Baltusrol Golf Club, be sure to visit the club’s rules about dress and electronics. You’re welcome to walk its historic fairways and clubhouse, but not so welcome to get a selfie while doing it.

Baltusrol Golf Club is located at 201 Shunpike Road in Springfield, NJ.








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