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When you’re looking for a place with the energy of a busy city and the aesthetic of a small town, have your agent look into Westfield, N.J. Downtown Westfield offers an abundance of entertainment and shopping options, along with tons of restaurants that will have your mouth watering until your next visit. You can travel back in time by visiting the Miller-Cory House museum, an 18th-century restored farmhouse open on the weekends that is a perfect local educational trip for the kids. Or you can enjoy the spooky season with AddamsFest, an “Addams Family” themed festival that lasts all of October.

The town’s real attraction is the collection of incredible luxury homes. Let’s explore the most common and exciting New Jersey architecture to help you narrow down your home search.

Colonial Revival

The Colonial-style homes prevalent in Westfield and elsewhere in the United States are more of a Colonial Revival. However, current Colonial homes still have all the basics: you’ll find these homes to be quite symmetrical, with multiple stories and a structurally sound, side-gabled roof. Expect these homes to be simpler, with adornments like crown molding and door-framing sidelights to be the most decorative aspects of the exterior.

These homes are great for anyone buying their first property and looking for a place that is subtle and easy to decorate. Many homes in New Jersey are Colonial Revival style, though there are plenty of homes more on the traditional side. Colonial Revival homes were first seen toward the beginning of the 20th century when architects were inspired by drawing the grandeur out of super symmetrical homes. If you’re looking for something subtle with a hint of flair, many custom Colonials on the market have the bones of tradition while adding a pinch of modernity.


Victorian homes in Westfield reflect historical splendor and timeless beauty. Queen Anne and Italianate homes are some of the more common Victorian styles on the East Coast. Queen Anne homes became popular in the late 19th century to early 20th century. The Queen Anne style is the epitome of luxury. There are large bay windows to look wistfully out of, ornate wall carvings, stately towers, and other theatrical elements ideal for people looking for a home with character.

On the other hand, Italianate homes were built to reflect the style of northern Italian architecture. Originating in Europe, this style boasts an open floor plan with tall windows on the lower level, which illuminates the entire space. This type of home is perfect for large families or homeowners that love to entertain. You’ll immediately notice these homes’ asymmetrical, rectangular construction (references to historic Italian country villas). These homes are elegant and slightly more understated than the Queen Anne style but never lacking in vintage beauty.


Tudor-style homes, or storybook homes, are for the bold homebuyer who wants versatility and lots of space. Originating from England and Wales between the 15th and 17th centuries, these homes contain Gothic and Renaissance characteristics and became a revival style in America around 1890–1940. Many successful stockbrokers or other wealthy folks would purchase these homes in the early 20th century, as building materials for this style were expensive (leading some to call Tudor homes “stockbroker Tudors”). Tudor Revival homes quickly became one of the most popular luxury homes in the country, as homeowners were looking for something that felt sophisticated and extravagant.

Those who can’t get enough of medieval aesthetics will feel right at home in this type of house. Tudor homes are elaborate, identified primarily by their half-timbered, white exterior and steep gabled roof. You’ll enjoy a large fireplace, thoughtfully-made chimneys, and the feeling of being in a fairy tale. Though there aren’t many Tudor homes in New Jersey, you’ll have the opportunity to settle down in one of your own in Westfield, where these homes are most beautiful and fantastic.


If you prefer a single-story home but still require much space, a ranch-style house in Westfield can offer you precisely what you need. Ranch homes have an open floor plan and low-pitched ceiling, which is excellent for those who want a home that feels big and minimal at the same time. Ranch homes usually have ample patio space, a spacious garage, and a fully finished basement for sub-level living or entertainment.

Those who love the minimalist elements of the traditional ranch style but would prefer to have multiple floors can opt for a raised ranch, which usually has two floors connected by a staircase at the entrance. The upper level of this home is for the main areas, like the kitchen, living room, bedrooms, etc., while the lower level is for the finished basement. You can also find split-level ranch homes in Westfield, similar to raised ranches but different in that there are three levels instead of two, with lots of space for creativity in design and layout.

Where contemporary design and old-world luxury meet

You have great taste and know that a great home should have historical charm and updated, modern elements to meet your needs. Westfield is home to so many incredible estates that fit the profile: you’ll find broad Dutch colonials with plenty of yard space, magnificent Tudors that appear to be right out of a novel, and opulent Queen Anne Victorians that will elicit gasps from your visitors every time.

The Michelle Pais Group has a firm knowledge of the housing market and access to jaw-dropping Westfield homes that will fit your aesthetic and lifestyle requirements. The team’s expertise doesn’t end when the deal is done; they are dedicated to helping you find world-class interior designers and give you the knowledge you need to make homeownership a breeze. Connect with The Michelle Pais Group today to explore all of Westfield's unique home styles and benefits.
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